Internet security is generally becoming a top priority for businesses of all sizes. Good Internet security protocols and strategy can protect everything from financial details to a business or agency’s servers and network hardware. Insufficient Internet security can threaten to collapse an e-commerce business or any other operation where data gets routed over the Web. From Physical, Static Application, Dynamic Application, Penetration and Attack Analysis, to Network Monitoring.  Bakers Consulting has a team to assist you.


Our team of professionals prides our selves on ensuring the security of your data.  Security starts with the physical aspects of protection.  This can range from fences, specialized enclosures and safe’s, cameras, bio-metrics and the human guards.  We have seen many instances of security gaps or areas / opportunities for improvement.  Allow us to provide you our years of insight by contacting us for a free consultation today.

Static Application

We have a team of professionals ready to develop an application for you.  In the event you have developers already or are working with a development team, how secure is the code they are developing for you? Static application security is a set of technologies designed to analyze application source code, byte code and binaries for coding and design conditions that are indicative of security vulnerabilities.  This essentially makes sure the code someone is writing for you is also secure from having the password coded in it or various other known issues.

Dynamic Application

Mid sized to large companies are especially vulnerable and need to regularly scan for Dynamic Application Security Testing.  As a business owner if you have applications that have external access to the internet you need to regularly test them (regardless of who developed them) against Dynamic Application Security Testing.  Everyday we hear about a new breach, help prevent your company from being next with our help.  Our team of professionals have worked in various companies small and global to ensure a well developed and defined DAST program is in place. Find out how we can help you today with a free consultation.

Security Consultation

We can provide lectures, trainings or come in as consultants to assist your company in securing your most valuable assets.  Even if you have a team of application developers and you are looking to ensure the code they develop is scanned for vulnerabilities, we can help you.  If you are looking to verify the applications your technical team develop are secure from vulnerabilities we can assist you.  We provide support to small companies to ensure they cannot be attacked on their website with Cross Site Scripting or some other advanced attack. We work hard to help you  ensure someone sitting nearby cannot hack into your wireless network.  Our experts are trained in many scanning, triage and remediation techniques to keep your company and its most valuable assets safe. Find out how we can help you today with a free consultation.


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