Our core competencies, experts and experience allow us to provide services from Continuous Improvement assistance, Digital Marketing, Data Integration, Metrics and Custom Reporting, Pre and Post Merger Acquisition analysis, IT Security expertise and Custom Application Development.

Intranet / Internet Site Design and Design

A solid user experience is the foundation of your business’s success. Our mission is to bring together your business goals and the needs of your customers through proven UX practices into an engaging and competitive digital experience.

Application Development

Custom application development is a core competency of Bakers Consulting. We are experts in the application development space.  We have developed applications from mobile, desktop and web applications.

Regardless the platform or language we have experts here to assist you. We will recommend and provide application development services in the technical environment that is most suited for our clients needs. Technical flexibility allows us to provide support within an existing environment or introduce a new one and develop within it, all based on the requirements of our client.

IT Security

Bakers Consulting specializes in IT Security as one of our core competencies.  From physical, Static Application, Dynamic Application, Penetration and Attack analysis, to Network Monitoring.  Bakers Consulting has a team to assist you.


Continuous Improvement

We help business professionals continually examine their processes to discover and eliminate waste. Typically, this is accomplished by making small changes rather than implementing a large-scale alteration.

Pre and Post Merger Acquisition

Mergers are complex from a technical perspective.  Bakers Consulting provides services for investors looking to merge or acquire a company that range from IT assessments, integration analysis as well as detailed cost reporting for the change management needed for a seamless transition.

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