Bakers Consulting solves our clients’ toughest challenges by understanding your IT goals, developing a strategy to support those goals and successfully implementing your corporate strategy. This starts with world class customer service, experience and support.  Our clients are large fortune 500 companies and small corporations.  We have successfully partnered with clients around the world to successfully provide solutions from IT consulting, web design, application design, IT security and project management.  We are an experienced passionate company that is here to make you successful.

For various reasons we are not at liberty to display all of our portfolio. Below you will find some of our web design clients.


Treasure Time Travel – For local and out of the country travel

North American Travel Agency

Treasure Time Travel

Treasure Time Travel specializes in custom travel for business, individuals and especially groups.  Treasure Time Travel provides individual and group travel to leisure and corporate clients. Services and products provided by Treasure Time Travel include travel consultation, pre-arranged tours, custom packages, reservations for lodging, rental cars, rail passage, etc. Based out of Illinois this company has made its mark on ensuring each and every customer has a uniquely relaxing vacation. While groups have a memorable experience that focuses on the individuals and their interests then proceeds on to a detailed itinerary available for all.

TreasureGlam Luxury Jewelry

TreasureGlam Luxury Jewelry

North American Luxury Jewelry


TreasureGlam Boutique is a premiere company that specializes in luxury jewelry.  Located in Houston Texas they provide custom statement pieces and accessories that are unrivaled.  TreasureGlam has been in the jewelry business for over 25 years. The very experienced staff has consistently provided world class service while ensuring each piece takes part in providing a memorable experience for all of their clients.

Creating that memorable experience centers around the jewelry that brings out the glamour in those that wear it.  Jewelry expresses your personality, your attitude, your style. Jewelry places your signature on your outfit. Make a statement with one of the luxurious items from TreasureGlam Boutique!


Real Estate Company Reverse Realty

North American Realty Company

Reverse Realty

The idea behind Reverse Real Estate did not come from a Wall Street firm or even a real estate agent for that matter. The idea came from a guy who wanted to buy a house for his family who only had a certain amount of money he could spend. He went driving around to open houses and most of the ones that his wife liked seemed slightly out of their price range. He just wished there was a way that sellers out there…maybe those who were eager to sell for some reason, could let him know that they might be willing to come down in price for a quick sell. As it turned out, the guy’s wife was smarter than him. She noticed that the house they really liked had been on the market for 3 years. So…she wrote a letter to the owner with a pre-approval letter that told him how much they could really afford and wanted to see if he might entertain the offer without getting “insulted”. She even included a photo of her family for good measure. The owners were a retired couple who lived somewhere else. As it turned out, that “low ball” was accepted and everyone was happy!

Thailand’s Premier Real Estate Company


Founded in 2014, FazWaz is a data-driven real estate marketplace listing over 50,000 properties for-sale and for-rent all across Thailand. Whether you’re viewing villa rentals, researching apartments to buy, or looking to invest in a penthouse, our technology platform and team of professionals are there to support you with helpful knowledge, price information & estimates, and up-to-date market statistics that you will only find here.